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How to Leash Train a Puppy with 2 Easy Steps

In order to leash train your puppy you will need to be consistent over time but it is easier than you may think! Follow these 2 easy steps below to leash train your puppy or if your puppy won’t walk on a leash:

  1. Establish a Cue: you can use a clicker as your cue or a pick word like, “Yes!”
    • This cue will be used during any training to show your dog they did what you wanted them to do and that their reward (typically their favorite treat) will now be given.
    • Practice giving the cue and then rewarding your pup with a treat the second your pup turns towards you so they associate your cue with the treat. You may need several rounds of practice to establish your cue communication.
  2. Take a Few Steps Away: put the collar/harness and leash on your dog and walk a couple of steps away from your pup. When your dog walks to you, give the cue and then the treat.
    • Continue to practice this with your pup so that they know that coming to you will mean they are rewarded with a treat.
    • If your puppy refuses to take any steps while on a leash, let go of the leash and let them roam freely in a small area of your house so they can get used to having a leash on.

We recommend practicing the above steps indoors initially where there are less distractions. Once you’ve successfully conquered how to leash train your puppy and are ready to transition outdoors, don’t forget to always take your cue and treats with you on all walks so you can practice consistently.

Dogs pulling or lunging on a leash are also common issues after you transition your puppy to walk on a leash outdoors. If you’d like to learn about how to stop your dog from forming either habit or have any questions at all, shoot us a message at

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