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5 Questions with Pup Influencer @cockapookona

cockapoo puppy influencer
Question #1: What was the inspiration behind Kona's name?
We are Hawai'i locals and wanted a name to remind us of home... plus, it's also the best type of coffee :)
Question #2: What is your favorite memory of Kona?
Meeting Kona for the first time (at 4 weeks old!). We fell in love with the little nugget and our lives changed forever. Kona is my first dog and we immediately bonded from that moment. 
Question #3: Any tips for new pup parents?
Utilize Zak George's training videos (with pupford treats)! We started training Kona when we first brought him home. That has helped so much! Be patient and practice positive training behaviors daily! 
Question #4: What do you think was the biggest factor in growing your IG account?
Be genuine with your followers - comment, share/support each other, and just post fun things about your pup! Have creative captions, hashtags and try to get on feature pages for awareness! It also doesn't hurt to have a cute dog like Kona ;) 
Question #5: How did you learn to groom Kona yourselves?
We practiced a lot by training him at a young age to have that positive reinforcement with grooming/scissors/clippers. His first haircut wasn't perfect, but got better with practice and now we enjoy grooming him ourselves. We honestly wanted a certain look for him and decided what areas we wanted to focus on - circular snout, shorter/rounder face, round paws, and short on his body. 

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